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Sourcery Book Review:

Sourcery was first published in 1988 as the fifth novel in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Sourcerers are wizards that spawn magic, who are themselves sources of magic. While wizards are generally the eighth son of an eighth son, sourcerers are born as the eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son. In other words, they are the eighth sons of wizards.

Since the Discworld was nearly destroyed in the great mage wars waged by sourcerers, it has since been decreed that wizards are not allowed to have children (in order to prevent sourcerers from being born and another great mage war to occur.)

Much of the book is about a sourcerer (getting born in spite of the rules) who comes up with a plan to make wizards the rulers of Discworld. And a small group of resistance fighters who dare to defy him, including Rincewind the Wizzard, Conina the Hairdresser, daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, and Nijel the Destroyer.



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1. The Color of Magic

2. The Light Fantastic

3. Equal Rites
4. Mort

5. Sourcery

6. Wyrd Sisters
7. Pyramids
8. Guards! Guards!
9. Eric
10. Moving Pictures
11. Reaper Man
12. Witches Abroad
13. Small Gods
14. Lords and Ladies
15. Men at Arms
16. Soul Music
17. Interesting Times
18. Maskerade
19. Feet of Clay
20. Hogfather
21. Jingo
22. The Last Continent
23. Carpe Jugulum
24. The Fifth Elephant
25. The Truth
26. Thief of Time
27. The Last Hero
28. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
29. Night Watch
30. The Wee Free Men
31. Monstrous Regiment
32. A Hat Full of Sky
33. Going Postal
34. Thud!
35. Wintersmith
36. Making Money
37. Unseen Academicals
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